The best view comes after the hardest climb.


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Learning Throught Reflection on Doing

Students build on what they already know and are provided with opportunities to make connections between new concepts and existing ones. ... Increases students' engagement, by encouraging collaboration and scaffolding between learners..

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Adventure Based Learning

Which in essence states that individuals are usually more capable (mentally, emotionally and physically) than they perceive themselves to be, and if given the opportunity to TRY in a supportive atmosphere, can discover this excellence within themselves. "

Utilises Group Initiatives

Low and high challenge course elements and many other activities to facilitate team building, problem solving, trust and communication. The experience allows the individual and team to approach physical, social, mental and emotional challenges in a safe and secure setting.

Provides Physical and Intellectual Problems

For groups to solve. The “group challenges” help people explore issues of leadership, cooperation, and conflict. The hands-on activities provide a laboratory for people to experiment with different ways to lead or support a team. As with other experiential training, at the end of each exercise participants explore options for greater effectiveness through reflection, reviewing, de-briefing and goal setting.

Adventure Consultancy

Reenginering Resort Hotel Outdoor Recreational Programme, Building Campsite, Safety Management

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Experiential Traveler

Adventure Race World Series, Mountaineering Expedition, Summit Climb, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Sailing, Bamboo Rafting, 4x4WD, Glamping

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Youth Programme

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, Youth Leadership Programme.

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Corporate World

High Impact Teamwork, Facilitation, Mentoring

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Eco Green School Academy

Conservation, Sustainable, Environmental, Field Trip, IGCSE, IB Diploma, A-LEVEL

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Wilderness Medical Courses

Wilderness Medical Associates International .

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