6 Benefits of Camping


Malaysia is known to its oldest rainforest in the world, and a wonderful place for recreational activities such as camping. Camping is a fun activity that has built its reputation towards cozy campfires, guitar picking songs, marshmallows and much more. However, camping is not just all about getting together with a bunch of friends enjoying their time, but it has a lot of benefits that comes along with it.

1. Social skills 

As the year dates to 2019, the internet has integrated itself within the society, making it a cultural norm to be part of it. However, being in the outdoors as a group disconnects to reconnect individuals together. Here, not only individuals can learn how to communicate with each other, but to learn how to listen and process multiple thoughts among their groups. Furthermore, it is also a great opportunity for individuals to build new friendships or to strengthen their bonds with others.


2. Teamwork 

When it comes to camping, it requires a tremendous amount of hard work depending on each experiences. For instance, cooking, setting up a fire, building tents and much more are tasks that we do not usually perform in our daily lives. Thus, making it a challenging tasks for some depending on their experience towards the outdoors. However, this allows members of a group to work together to enhance their camping experience.


3. Passion discovery 

Camping is not just all about staying in the woods for a night, but it also comes with a series of different tasks to make it a successful experience and campsite. For example, hiking, bushcrafting, cooking, campsite management are activities that are indirectly involved towards camping in the woods. These indirect activities allows room for individuals to experience multiple activities to discover their passions.


4. Financially independent 

While camping disconnects us from our material possessions from civilization, it also physically disconnects us from it, making it hard for campers to access to certain stuff such as food, supplies and much more. This allows individuals to be grateful of the little things that they have with them since cash is no longer king. This benefits individuals to think towards spending unnecessarily in the future.

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5. Planning and organizing skills 

Regardless of any activity, planning has always been indirectly involved with everything. No matter if it was going to a supermarket for groceries or an evening jog by the park, it requires planning. Similarly, camping requires a lot of planning to ensure that everything goes according to plan and everyone would have a safe and enjoyable experience. Thus, camping teaches individuals how to plan and organize their resources and time. Making it a very useful lifelong skill to hold onto.


6. Sustainability 

Being in the outdoors does not only help develop interpersonal skills, but also to develop individual’s awareness towards nature. It opens a different perspective towards how nature should be appreciated and how can we preserve what’s left. Environmental impacts such as water quality, soil integrity and much more can be observed through entering the outback and it teaches individuals why environmental sustainability is so important.